The Inkling Sylph

Now, I’m no paragon but an epigone, the keener-eyed of the eyes that chance on this will see it as a pastiche of Ted Hughes’ well-known and appreciated ‘Thought Fox’. So….my homage to him.

The Inkling Sylph

I imagine this midnight moment’s bedroom…
Something else is alive
Beside the friendless four walls’ gloom,
And this dim screen where my fingers idle.

Through the slats I see no distance;
Something more near—inside,
Though deeper within darkness,
Is tiptoeing around the silence…

Deft; as light as its own shadow,
A sprite’s air touches, drape, and veil;
To serve a movement, that now—
And again now, and now…stirs mind

Sets cobweb a-sway between lamp and shade
Between door, and surplus gown.
Motes lifted by draft, and in wake
Of a body only in spirit.

Across floorboards, two eyes,
A widening sapphiric blue,
Mesmerising—centred on me,
And their business.

Till a sudden, sharp stab of quill
Enters the dark hole of the mind.
The slats separate the fog still; the cobwebs sway.

The blog is entered.

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Museworthy Man

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2 thoughts on “The Inkling Sylph”

  1. Namaste Museworthy Man. It was The Thought Fox that led me here then there. I enjoyed the words then found the cipher. I have met unsolvable ones before, I hate to say how annoying they are, so I won’t say that, I’ll say that you are a famous author in disguise, wanting to give a spoiler for your new book, but concerned someone might actually crack the cipher and reveal who you are in advance, blowing your cover open to the winds. The almost impossibility of decryption protecting the answer and all it’s content. If I am correct you’ll deny it. If I am wrong you’ll deny it. There are no winners here 🙂 You may even be a ghost writer yourself, frustrated by chains that bind you, so this blog is your roar. Please excuse my presumptive nature if it offends. I do not mean to be blunt but sometimes am I think.
    451, that, was another life. – Sonmicloud

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