Dr Livingstone I presume?…

A idiom that visits me from time to time, or maybe more often but I’m not home, is the one that holds the theme of ‘crossing paths’:
“Why providence has seen fit for our paths to cross?”
“Our paths have never crossed.”
“I hope our paths will cross again.”
The above I’ve heard/read more than once whilst ambling through archetypal movies/books. Always invoking an inner query, a wish to analyse the logic, the phrase in all its guises doesn’t sit well with me. Being a natural procrastinator though, I’ve never got round to giving time over to why it irks. But now, aha, the shrewd me has trapped the issue in a double bluff. You see, I have other things to do, right now, this moment, but the procrastinator in me wants me to pace up and down and ponder this curiosity instead.
In the context above what are ‘our paths’ ?
A path, to me, is a route well worn not necessarily with a passenger. A trail of incremental erosion to be seen, latched onto, used and compounded by whoever wanders near.
Or… a path to me is a plan; a future course to be traipsed only figuratively with an eye on a firmer prize–in this context though it’s irrelevant and I feel I’m being preyed on here by a third procrastinator.
Back to the track.
Truly newly forged paths of the walked kind have you at the helm, negotiating obstacles, trampling verdure, leaving your land-based contrail. Should you in that time meet another (of the walking kind) then it could be said:
“Hello Sir, I have not noticed you before, I’d wager because we’ve never been on a common intersection of the paths we’ve forged during our life at the same point in time. Why providence has seen fit for us to collide on this day at  this juncture?” Um, I don’t think I’ve managed to make that any clearer.
or, more simply… for the other “We meet at last.”
or… “I hope to see you again.”
Remember, er, it’s the journey, not the destination.