Hellboy 2 Golden Army

My observations are sometimes punched into me –  not physically, but fed serially by a fist that sits on a jackhammer… oft six, seven or eight syllables drum themselves prosodically into my mind’s memory silos…. take 2012 for example…

The Royal Courts of the mogul emperors.

Gibb in a coma with pneumonia.

Grotesque scenes in a place of worship.

Rafeal defended it well.

London Council social cleansing.

No Claims Discount Validation.

Rare earth magnets in orthodontics.

The pain and bulk of a whalebone corset.

Soon it’s the Queen’s diamond Jubilee.

Barton rants at Alan shearer.

Snorkel parka music practice room.

Mother killed in pushchair accident.

How long does a macbook battery last?

Alan Hansen’s forehead injury.

What a strike from Theo Walcott.

Don’t give yourself a Hitler parting.

Porcupine creek in Southeast Alaska.

Trapped in public storage facility.

Almighty change that’s fast approaching.

Sour cream chives and a slice of cucumber.

Di Matteo axe reaction.

Shocking scenes of storm hit Britain.

A mélange, a mish mash of all sorts at/on first glimpse/glance; a chronological list, evident maybe to the keener eyed, but there’s a rhythm too in there to be picked out whose beats repeat and compound themselves. Not to mention the psyche of its author. Another diffidently raised hand.